Alfarabi´s book of letter MAHDI, MUIHSIN

Date de parution : 01/01/2004
ISBN : 9782721460196
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"The theme of Alfarabi´s Book of Letters (or Book of Particles, see Introduction, pp. 34-37) is the examination of ""in how many ways"" a thing is said to be. Although Alfarabi takes Aristotle´s Metaphysics as his guide and model, he neither adheres to its traditional arrangement nor follows any of the traditional methods of commentary. His work is a free commentary that attempts to seize upon the method and intention of Aristotle´s Metaphysics and develop both in new directions. Two of these are especially noteworthy. First, the discussion of the varieties in the meaning of terms is expanded to include a number of languages (Greek, Syriac, Persian, Soghdian, as well as Arabic) and the activity y of translating from one language into another. Second, such intriguing remarks as those in Metaphysics A. 8. 1074a38-b14 are expanded into a full-fledged account of the origin and development of language, religion, and philosophy, the interaction among them, and the movement of religion and philosophy across national and linguistic boundaries."
  • ISBN : 9782721460196
  • Titre : Alfarabi´s book of letter
  • Auteur : MAHDI, MUIHSIN
  • Présentation : Broché
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