Karma & Sexuality: The Transforming Energies Of Spiritual Development ZULMA, REYO

Date de parution : 01/01/0001
ISBN : 9781853981425
Nombre de pages : 175
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"To serve the evolution of consciousness and the realization of true spirituality, sex--both as psychological impulse and as raw drive-must be purified of misuse and coercive force and refined into an enlightened and flexible substance. Likewise the crystallized unconscious fixations of karma must be transmuted. This book, based on and including some of the practices from Reyo´s Karma and Sexuality workshops (popular in many countries, including the U.S.), is the most complete available on the inner dynamics of human relationships and how this alchemical transformation might come about. It analyzes the structural foundations of the mind and the physical organism--as well as higher mind or consciousness--in light of modern physics and psychological thought. This is the best of Freud wedded to the best of Jung and modern mysticism. The book´s overtones are tantric, while its spirit is profoundly humanitarian and ecological, advocating the need for brotherhood and unity, and a more loving consciousness in which the truly earthly is indeed divine. Born in Puerto Rico. B.A. (romance langs.) NYU, U. Puerto Rico, San Fernando State (CA). M.A. (education) NYU. Founder and director of the School of Consciousness, with headquarters in Sao Paolo, Brazil and a retreat and training center in the Spanish Pyrenees where she develops programs for the practical application of inner alchemy within individuals and groups and leads conferences in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. She did research on psychotherapeutic and metaphysical practices in India for nearly 10 years. She also hosted ""Dimensions in Parapsychology,"" a NY cable TV program of dialogues with well-known researchers, writers, parapsychologists, and artists."

  • ISBN : 9781853981425
  • Titre : Karma & Sexuality: The Transforming Energies Of Spiritual Development
  • Auteur : ZULMA, REYO
  • Editeur : Auto-Editions
  • Nb Pages : 175
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Poids : 0.42Kg
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