Living arabic in context, an introductory course HAJJAR, NIJMEH

Date de parution : 01/01/2005
ISBN : 9789953003931
Nombre de pages : 359
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Aims and Objectives Living Arabic in Context introduces non-native speakers to the pronunciation, writing system, and basic structures of Modem Standard Arabic (MSA), the variety of Arabic used by educated speakers and the media in all Arab countries. It aims to train students to: 1.Read (aloud and silently) and understand Modem Standard Arabic, 2.Comprehend simple speech in MSA and respond to it orally, and 3.Write in Arabic using basic vocabulary and basic structures of the language. In this introductory course, students will be introduced to the Arabic pronunciation and writing system. They will learn the Alphabet, gradually and in the context of living Arabic. Students will learn, and progressively build a basic vocabulary of approximately one thousand words on various themes, and will learn and use the basic structures of daily language. The course uses a communicative, proficiency-oriented approach with audio-visual media to teach modem Arabic as a living language. Students will develop the four skills of reading, writing, listening-comprehension, and speaking in an integrated way by the use of dialogues, class interaction, oral drills and written exercises. Upon completion of Living Arabic in Context: An Introductory Course students should be able to: 1.Read and understand (with the help of a dictionary and/ or the Arabic - English Glossary provided), the main points of a given Arabic text discussing familiar themes and using seen vocabulary. 2.Read out loud in a manner understandable to monolingual Arabs 3.Understand simple questions in modem Arabic and respond to them orally 4.Conduct a basic conversation in modem Arabic, and 5.Write basic structures of modem Arabic to express simple ideas on familiar topics.
  • ISBN : 9789953003931
  • Titre : Living arabic in context, an introductory course
  • Auteur : HAJJAR, NIJMEH
  • Nb Pages : 359
  • Présentation : Broché
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