Reading arabic for muslims book3 Seiny, Mahmud Ismail

Date de parution : 01/01/1991
ISBN : 9789966542151
Nombre de pages : 194
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It is a well known fact that the best way to teach adults a foreign language is to use that language for a special purpose. In this series, Arabic is taught to scholars of Islamic texts. The authors of this series have taught Arabic to foreigners in countries such as Saudi Arabia, and have found that the main objective of their scholars is to read and understand Islamic texts in the original language. The aim of this series is to help them do just that. ln the series of three books: 1) Ail the lessons are about Islamic topics, such as history and doctrine. 2) The choice of vocabulary is based on the authors´ academic studies of the language of the Holy Quran, the Hadith, the law and Islamic culture. 3) Syntax is specially chosen so that the readers can relate it to and understand the texts. 4) Exercises in comprehension, vocabulary and grammar develop fully the scholars´ understanding and appreciation of the text material, giving them a wide mastery of the language of Islam.

  • ISBN : 9789966542151
  • Titre : Reading arabic for muslims book3
  • Auteur : Seiny, Mahmud Ismail
  • Nb Pages : 194
  • Présentation : Broché
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