Yes, (Saudi) Minister!: A Life in Administration ALGOSAIBI, GHAZI

The London Centre of Arab Studies
Date de parution : 01/01/0001
ISBN : 9781900404174
Nombre de pages : 259
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"Born into a leading merchant family in ´Saudi Arabias Eastern Province, Dr Algosaibi not only experienced but, as Minister of Industry and Electricity and Minister of Health, played a leading part in the Kingdoms rapid modernisation during the 1970s and 1980s. In this administrative autobiography, we are treated to the wit and wisdom of one of Saudi Arabias leading technocrats who, as a poet, writer, broadcaster and latterly, ambassador, is also one of its most prominent intellectuals and gifted communicators. In recounting rus career, he provides us with a series of profound and penetrating insights into the relationship berween the politicaI leadership, the executive and the administrative machine. Along the way we are given an insiders view of the personalities of successive monarchs, the whirlwind transformation of the Kingdoms infrastructure, the tensions between conservatives and modernisers, and Saudi Arabias relations with its neighbours. In Dr Algosaibi´s view of the human condition, we are all victims of administration from the day we are born, and inevitably grow up to be perpetra tors of it too. Illustrating his story with vivid and occasionally hilarious incident, he reflects on what he calls his own ""aggressive"" style of administration in contrast to the"" defensive"" style, the pitfalls of popu1arity and media stardom, the requirements of education and development, the relative merits of state ownership and privatisation, the challenges of national healthcare, and the claims of family life. The book is packed with judicious tips for budding adrninistrators and diplomats. All those interested in the workings of government in this most conservative of modern Islamic states will find in Dr Algosaibi´s life in administration an essential and entertaining companion."

  • ISBN : 9781900404174
  • Titre : Yes, (Saudi) Minister!: A Life in Administration
  • Editeur : The London Centre of Arab Studies
  • Nb Pages : 259
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Poids : 0.32Kg
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